How to Know if a Career in Asphalt is the Right Fit for You

How to Know if a Career in Asphalt is the Right Fit for You

Are you a high school graduate who is looking to jump into the trades? Or asphalt workermaybe you’re reading this because you’ve been in the wrong career for a while and you’re ready to make a change. Either way, we’re thrilled that you’re considering a career in asphalt.

To help you out, your friendly neighborhood asphalt specialists over at Suburban Asphalt, located in Franklin, WI, have put together this quick guide to finding out if a career in asphalt is right for you. Included in this blog are four different ways of knowing you would LOVE this career. Read on to see if this describes your version of “living the dream”!You’re a Hands-On Learner

Experts in education have been telling us for decades that there are three main types of learners: visual, auditory and kinesthetic (or “hands on”). Although most of us use a blend of 2 or all 3 of these styles, many people have a preference that’s most effective for them.

Visual learners learn best with charts, graphs, power points, images, reading and visualizing

Auditory learners learn best with lectures, audiobooks, spoken instructions, conversation/discussion, and by giving spoken presentations.

Kinesthetic learners learn best through movement, touch, motion, physical activity, active participation, practicing the task themselves (versus watching a demonstration).

If the last one best describes you, paving crew jobs have your name written all over them. You will get to feel the freedom and success of learning as you go. Your days will be spent full of fresh air, physical activity and team participation in accomplishing goals. Everything you learn on the job will have a practical, real-life application.

You Don’t Want the Debt Associated with a Traditional Degree

We know there are a lot of fantastic benefits to pursuing a traditional 4-year degree at a college or university. However, there are also a lot of financial challenges that come along with that commitment. Data collected in 2021 shows that the average college debt is currently $39, 351 [per student] and is held by approximately 43 million student borrowers.

When you choose to dive into a career in asphalt, however, your finances look significantly different. For example:

– Zero student debt. Yep – you read that right. Zero.
– Even more exciting than a lack of debt – you can begin setting aside savings sooner!
– Access career benefits like healthcare, dental and retirement right away rather than waiting for your first major job out of college.
– No need to sacrifice your lifestyle-related expenses like you would in college; you have a secure, consistent income.

These are just a few of the top financial perks of choosing a trade path rather than a 4-year degree path. Each of Suburban Asphalt’s team members has personally experienced all these benefits and more. Contact us if you want to learn more – we’d be happy to share our life lessons (free of charge)!

You’re Looking for a Career with Excitement & Variety

If you’re the kind of person who gets a thrill from trying new things and enjoys travel and variety, this is another sign that you would LOVE a career in asphalt. Every day there’s a new task or a new setting. You will see new places and experience new challenges at every job site. Watch this short video to learn more about this perk firsthand from two of Suburban Asphalt’s talented asphalt specialists.

Not only will there be variety in daily tasks but there’s equal amount of versatility in roles and career building, too. As you experience different roles in each asphalt project, you will get to discover which ones are the best fit for your skills and career goals. Check out our career page to get a feel for just a few of the many opportunities you can try!

You Are Not a Sit-Behind-a-Desk Kind of Person

If you were always that kid in class who was told to sit down (and stop talking), it’s very unlikely that you’re eager to sit down (and stop talking) as an adult. We respect that! The world needs all different types of skill sets and we take pride in hiring the go-getters who find fulfillment outside the cubicle.

If are a go-getter who is considering getting into paving crew jobs, we would love to introduce you to wild world of construction labor. This is the furthest you can get from a desk job. Each day will give you a chance to flex different physical and mental muscles as you help with the following tasks:

– Preparing work sites with measurements and lining out the area
– Directing traffic
– Assisting in dumping trucks
– Operating a variety of different machines
– Transporting equipment to and from job sites
– Much, much more!

Asphalt Jobs Hiring Near Me

If two or more of these categories describes you, then a career in asphalt might just be your dream career! Suburban Asphalt would be thrilled to help you become an asphalt avenger today. Contact us to learn more about the different opportunities that we are currently hiring for at our Franklin, Wisconsin branch. We can’t wait to welcome you to the team!