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It’s Just a Phase

asphalt phasing
Construction isn’t easy!  In fact, it usually is a pain!  No one knows this more than business owners that understand certain actions must be taken to protect their investment, improve their image, and ensure the safety of their customers; but are hampered by the inconvenience of a construction project.  In order for business to operate efficiently and complete a construction project at the same time, a business owner can either be an accomplished juggler or select the right contractor that brings forward a great plan of attack.  Typically, site construction projects completed while the owner is still running their business needs to include phasing.

What is construction phasing?

Very basically, phasing is splitting up the construction area so that part of it is being worked on, while other parts are being used by the client or his customers.  More or less this is a creative process of figuring out how to get the job done while the owner still runs his business.

How helpful is phasing?   

Very few property owners can “shut down” their parking lot for a week.  Products need to be shipped or received, customers and employees need somewhere to park, and overall the business must keep on going with as minimal interruption as possible.

Does phasing cost additional money?

Yes and No.  Certainly, moving construction crews in and out of a site adds cost.  And breaking up a big project into little ones adds time and time is money.  However the cost of shutting a business down for a week or turning away customers costs money too.  And that may be more (way more) than added construction cost.

Does phasing add time to the project?

Yes.  Depending on the project details, adding a project phase can add as much as a week or more to a project.  Phasing has benefits but also consequences.


Phasing is often needed but needs to be done right to minimize added costs and shorten construction time frame all while having a minimal impact on the property owner’s ongoing business.

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