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cement stabilization
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undercut unstable base
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Asphalt Replacement 59,814 Square Feet


Project Type Asphalt Replacement/Cement Stabilization/Drain Tile/Culvert
Client Dynex/Rivett, Inc.
Completion Date Fall 2019
Project Size 59,840 Square Feet

Dynex/Rivett, Inc
770 Capitol Dr.
Pewaukee, WI

This project presented a unique set of challenges. From the onset, the original plan was to remove and replace the existing asphalt in two phases. The first phase was a 6″ asphalt paving portion for the road driving into the loading docks. Replacement for the first phase was completed with relative ease. The second phase included the replacement of asphalt in the employee parking lot. Upon peeling the existing asphalt it was discovered that the underlying sub base was unstable. An area of unstable base was undercut 16″ and replaced with new stone. While this method is widely accepted and is effective a majority of the time, in this case it didn’t. The soft clay below the 16″ cut wasn’t able to be “bridged over”. A method of adding cement to the sub grade was accepted. Cement was mixed into the unstable base at 16″ essentially making the underlying section beneath the asphalt the consistency of concrete. In order to collect residual ground water, drain tile was installed and pitched to drain into the adjacent ditch. The ditch was lowered and a new culvert was installed. Finally, new asphalt was paved in the second phase and a new parking configuration was painted. While this project had its challenges, the end result was successful and Dynex can enjoy a well-constructed parking lot for years to come.

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