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    Asphalt Maintenance

    The start of the year is a perfect time to evaluate your asphalt maintenance plan at your facility. While this may seem like a daunting task and maybe something that one could afford to be put off, a little proactive planning can make the difference between a small nuisance and a big concern. How Do

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    What is Asphalt Pulverization?

    The Asphalt Pulverization Option- Feed At Your Own Reward! One option to consider when repairing your asphalt parking lot is asphalt pulverization.  It wants to be fed, the asphalt monster that is.  Like a large prehistoric beast, the blade of a pulverization machine chews old asphalt and spits it out to create a new stone base. What is

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    Undercut and Over Appreciated

    The word “undercut” has a negative connotation when used to undermine or dismiss someone.  However; the term is used in construction to define the act of removing unstable sub grade or base course.  The more technical term is Excavation Below Sub grade (EBS).  While it is beneficial to stabilize the sub grade and base course

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    What is Drain Tile?

    What is drain tile?  When should it be used? Many contractors, land owners, and developers throw around the term drain tile.  Although an effective solution in solving some drainage issues, the decision to install depends on the situation. What is Drain Tile? Drain tile is a vague term.  The term is generally used as any

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    5 Things to Know About An Asphalt Overlay

    Somewhere, an asphalt overlay is saving the day.  Like a beacon in the dark night of parking lot/road construction, an asphalt overlay is providing hope and a newly paved asphalt surface. What is an asphalt overlay? Very simply, an asphalt overlay is a method in which an existing asphalt surface is paved over with a new

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    The Importance of Asphalt Thickness

    Asphalt thickness is one of the most important factors that determine how a parking lot performs.  While this may be true, there are numerous parking lots that are paved with less than adequate asphalt thickness.  This sad truth requires some questions to be answered: How does thin asphalt happen? There are many situations which occur where the

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